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Our History

The unusual success story of the companies Torson and Injex

Launch of Torson ~1960


The exact date of foundation of the Torson company is uncertain today. We only know that «Alfred Schmid, Torson-Apparatebau» was already active in the early 1960s. At that time, the founder of the company, Alfred Schmid, started to manufacture his own injection molding machines for processing plastics. In January 1987, this sole proprietorship was transformed into «Torson Kunststofftechnik AG».

Early on, special connectors were manufactured according to customer requirements. Some of these connectors were so successful that some of them became industry standards and enjoy worldwide popularity today.

The foundation of Injex - 2017


The startup Injex was founded on a simple idea: «Can injection molding be made easier?» The two founders, Oliver Schlatter and Tobias Ammann, asked themselves this question after studying mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. And the answer was simple, yes it can. Using 3D printers, the first injection molds were produced in no time at all. Injection molds could be produced in days instead of weeks or months and at a fraction of the cost. This credo of keeping injection molding as simple as possible still shapes the company today.

In the heart of Zurich from the start


For the first 50 years of its existence, Torson was based at Bucheggplatz in the Unterstrass district of Zurich. It later moved to Gubelstrasse in Oerlikon. The start-up Injex was also based in Oerlikon after moving out of ETH Zurich. At the time Injex was founded, the two companies were just 350 meters apart. Excitingly, however, they first met several years later at a trade fair in Lucerne.

The merger - 2020


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the startup Injex decided to take an unusual step. After initial discussions with Torson, it became clear that there were many overlaps in their business activities and that the owners of Torson were looking for a successor solution. And so it came about that the start-up Injex was not bought out, but on the contrary was able to take over a second company. The merger was completed in December 2020. The number of employees grew abruptly from six to 30, Injex was able to move to Gubelstrasse in Oerlikon and the companies now operate under the joint name Torson Injex AG.