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Electronics and overmolding

Protection from environmental influences

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The protection of electrical components against environmental influences such as moisture, vibrations or chemicals is of great importance. With our potting process, we offer reliable protection for your components. By encapsulating the components with special plastics, we create a robust barrier that shields them from harmful influences. In this way, we ensure long service life and reliable function, even under demanding conditions.

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Smart connectors thanks to embedded electronics

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The days when a connector merely made an electrical connection are coming to an end. Smart connectors with integrated electronics are becoming increasingly important and offer a wide range of possible applications. From signal enhancement and data logging to the digitization of analog signals, almost anything can be accomplished.

Rapid validation thanks to «Rapid Tooling»

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Overmolding of electrical components is often associated with uncertainty. Especially for complex and filigree components, the process must be validated in advance. Thanks to our «Rapid Tooling» process, even complex tools can be produced within a few working days. The tests carried out in this way are significantly more informative than, for example, simulations. This allows well-founded decisions to be made.

Even glass can be overmolded

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Glass has a whole range of unique properties. At the same time, this fragile material can only be processed with great know-how and the use of proprietary manufacturing processes. Placing a glass component in an injection mold and closing it with several tons of clamping force, and then overmolding it at high pressure, therefore also requires some skill and experience. Fortunately, Torson has a strong partner in this area in the form of Willi Möller Glasbläserei and can thus offer unique products.

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