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Silicone injection molding

Silicone injection molding

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Silicone opens up a world of possibilities in injection molding. With unique properties such as heat resistance, chemical stability and flexibility, it is ideal for a wide range of applications. From precise molding to excellent UV and ozone resistance, silicone offers a wide range of qualities. These range from outdoor use to medical applications. Thanks to its processability, silicone enables the implementation of complex geometries and filigree structures in injection molding. Whether in electronics, medical technology or mechanical engineering, silicone opens up innovative solutions. At Torson Injex, we use the versatility of silicone to transform your ideas into high-quality products.

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Fast prototypes thanks to additive tooling

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The injection molding prototype tools manufactured by Torson Injex are excellent for manufacturing silicone or even elastomer components. With our prototyping service, technical components in different Shore hardnesses and colors can be tested, validated and, if necessary, adapted in less than a week.

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Personalized service and quality for any quantity

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Our personal service means that your concerns are our top priority. We accompany you from the idea to the implementation and offer individual advice for every project. Regardless of the quantity, we guarantee the highest quality. Every silicone component is carefully manufactured and tested by us.

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