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Injection molding

Short lead times for complex injection molded parts

Welcome to Torson Injex

Discover our versatile offer in the world of injection molding. At Torson Injex, we offer innovative solutions in our two specialty areas: injection molding and connectors.

We cover a wide range of applications such as Multicomponent injection molding, Micro injection molding to Silicone injection molding. Our many years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies enable us to develop solutions for demanding projects. Whether for a customized connector or for complex injection molded components, our know-how will take you further. Learn more about our wide range of services and be inspired by our innovative solutions.

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Traditional company and startup at the same time

About us

Learn more about the fascinating story behind the Torson company and the innovative startup Injex. From the beginnings in the 1960s, when Alfred Schmid developed his own injection molding machines, to the founding of Injex by Oliver Schlatter and Tobias Ammann, who wanted to revolutionize the injection molding process. Find out how the companies in the heart of Zurich developed and what ideas and principles still drive them today. Immerse yourself in our exciting company history, which is characterized by innovation, simplicity and efficiency.

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