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Injection molding

Innovative solutions: Injection molding

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Welcome to our injection molding page at Torson Injex! Discover here how our years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies enable us to develop innovative injection molding solutions for a wide variety of needs. Our versatility allows us to create a wide range of products from Multicomponent injection molding to Micro injection molding to Silicone injection molding and Prototyping.

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Multicomponent injection molding: flexibility and precision

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Our expertise in Multicomponent injection molding enables the combination of different materials and colors in one product. Learn more about the variety of applications where we apply our innovative power to achieve complex geometries and functional integration.

Micro injection molding: small parts, great possibilities

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In the field of Micro injection molding, we apply our know-how to the production of tiny plastic parts. Find out how we meet even the most demanding requirements in the highest quality thanks to state-of-the-art technology and our in-house toolmaking.

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Silicone injection molding: versatile solutions for special applications

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Learn how Silicone injection molding offers versatile solutions for demanding applications. From the medical industry to electronics, we use silicone's unique properties to create high-quality products.

Development and prototyping: from concept to reality

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Our comprehensive offering also includes Development and prototyping of injection molded parts. Find out how we can produce prototypes within a few days thanks to rapid tooling, allowing you to quickly validate and optimize your ideas.

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